Membership Eligibility

Any reputable person of good moral character may apply for membership by attending a Club Function with their sponsor (which they must have), be introduced as an applicant, and obtain an application from the President of the Club. The Membership Committee shall receive the signed application that has been signed by the applicant and his/her sponsor, accompanied by the current initiation fee and one (1) months dues for each month left in the Club's fiscal year in advance. The applicant shall become a member upon approval by the Board of Officers. The fiscal year shall be 1 March through the last day of February.

Membership Expectations

The LSC is what Members have made it. There are no 3rd parties involved in setting up, maintaining or pursuing new directions; only the club's membership. While each member has their own motivation for being a part of the club, the sincerity of interest by each member is genuine. Property improvements are made as indivduals and groups within the membership step forward to either donate monies, time or sweat to see it done.

You can tell by the improvements that have been made on the property, and how that every year members come out to participate in Work Parties that are specifically geared towards maintaining and improving the property's grounds and facilities, that membership is not taken for granted. It is membership in the club that motivates a special participation. The LSC gives each member a place away from home to call their own, an opportunity to take ownership in the way the property is managed, a team involvement in maintaining a family-friendly place for camping, social activities, shooting practice and competition.


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